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RIL of Soil Health attended IEEE WCCCI 2024!

The Research and Innovation Lab 'Soil Health' presented their preliminary findings of hyperspectral spaceborne monitoring of key soil health indicators in the region of Central Macedonia, Greece. 

ScaleAgData explores collaboration with 2 other HE projects

On Thursday, 4h of July 2024, an online discussion was held between the Horizon Europe projects ScaleAgData, AgriDataValue and CrackSense.

Second ScaleAgData Newsletter

Every quarter, we give this 'digital floor' to our RI Labs, technology partners and, of course, end-users, to share insights and ideas with you.

First ScaleAgData Newsletter

A year after we officially kicked off the HE ScaleAgData project, and 6 months after the launch of our website, we've sent our first ScaleAgData Newsletter. 

Co-design the building blocks of ScaleAgData innovative approache(s)

ScaleAgData aims to promote smart agriculture and agro-ecological monitoring through innovative approaches.

ScaleAgData @ EC-ESA Joint Earth System Science Initiative

ScaleAgData will participate in the 3rd EC/ESA Joint Earth System Science Initiative, taking place on November 22-24 at ESA-ESRIN, Frescati, Italy.

Presenting at BioGeoSAR-2023 in Rome

Eurac research´s contribution to the ScaleAgData Grassland RI Lab´s first aim: improve time series of grassland biophysical parameters using data fusion. 

ScaleAgData participates in the Synergy Days Conference

ScaleAgData will participate in the 'Synergy Days Conference', 4-5 October 2023 in Thessaloniki (Greece), to represent our project amongst other digital innovators of the European agri-food sector.

New Horizon Europe project: ScaleAgData

We are excited to announce the start of a new Horizon Europe project, that will focus on unlocking the huge potential that lies in opening the data from in-situ sensors on farms for a European-wide monitoring of agri-envir