Upscaling agricultural sensor data for improved monitoring of agri-environmental conditions

A sustainable, data-driven agriculture in Europe

The EU's Green Deal sets clear targets for a more competitive and sustainable agriculture.

This requires data-driven decision making for farmers, governments and other policy makers.

The Horizon Europe ScaleAgData project aims to bridge the data gap of observations at the local level by unlocking, integrating and upscaling the data from in-situ sensors on farms.

7 Innovation areas

  • Innovative sensor technology

  • Edge processing

  • Data sharing architecture and data governance

  • Satellite data augmentation

  • From data assimilation to service development

  • Privacy-preserving technology

  • Data integration methodologies

Our main objectives

ScaleAgData is about

  • insights in governance of complex data streams
  • upscaling agri-data
  • innovation in sensor technology, data analytics & EO products
    for a European-wide monitoring of agri-environmental conditions.

It will contribute to the overall competitiveness and sustainability performance of the European agricultural sector:

  • enabling the assessment of the innovations and data governance frameworks
  • demonstrating added values of improved monitoring capabilities for a range of users

6 Research and Innovation Labs (RILabs)

6 Research and Innovation Labs will develop, test and showcase how integrating near real-time (NRT) sensor data can provide improved monitoring capabilities.

These RILabs will drive innovation, covering

  • the 4 dimensions of environment: soil, water, air, living organisms (crops & livestock)
  • different biogeographical zones of Europe
  • available sensor data & products 




With VITO as the prime, the ScaleAgData consortium further consists of 26 partners from 14 different countries!

The consortium respresents research institutes and infrastructure providers, technology and agri-tech SMEs, machinery producers and EO service providers, agri-food professional organizations, think tanks, insurance companies and data integration companies from across Europe.

Upcoming events

16 September 2024
16 September 2024



11 September 2024
11 September 2024



14 October 2024
15 October 2024

With the Synergy Days, SmartAgriHubs organizes an inspiring conference connecting the digital innovators of the European agri-food sector. The conference offers a space for agricultural community to meet, debate and exchange knowledge. It connects dots in the agri-food sector by bringing together EU projects, policy-makers, European and Digital Innovations Hubs, farmers and more. 

14 October 2024
18 October 2024

The 75th IAC (International Astronautical Congress) will transform Milan into the world's space capital. With the motto 'Responsible Space for Sustainability', IAC2024 will feature more than 150 international exhibitors and a record number of 4000 speakers from 96 countries.

08 October 2024
10 October 2024

This year's EuroGEO workshop will take place in Krakow from 8 to 10 October. 
EuroGEO 2024 aims to invite and mobilise the EO community to reposition EuroGEO in the light of the evolving EU Space Program landscape and at the GEO level which shifts from 'Earth Observation' to 'Earth Intelligence'.